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Carson Montessori Attendance/Tardy Policy
The more intensely parents/guardians are involved in their children’s education,
the more beneficial the achievement effects.
Epstein’s Framework for Parent Involvement

            Carson Montessori, Northern Nevada’s educational gem, is a family centered school of choice where the student always comes first.  CMCS is a public Montessori school committed to providing a stimulating, hands-on, quality education in the least restrictive, best learning environment where students must be present and on-time to benefit fully from the opportunities provided at CMCS. 

            Carson Montessori’s Triangle of Accountability, which reflects the importance of the shared responsibility that exists between the student, parents/guardians and CMCS’ educational staff regarding all educational matters including attendance/tardies, is designed to reinforce this Attendance/Tardy Policy.  When a family makes the decision to attend Carson Montessori it is necessary for them to commit to support the pillars of the Triangle of Accountability, which includes since Carson Montessori does not have bus service, the transporting of their student to and from school in a timely manner.

            Attendance is a shared responsibility.   It cannot work without the parents’/guardian’s/student’s working together to support this CMCS policy.  The following attendance policy has been established by the Carson Montessori Governing Board as a tool to assist parents/guardians in providing one of the key components in helping their child reach his or her full potential. 

 Attendance/Tardy Policy

  1. Parents/guardians agree to have their student to school on time and ready to learn everyday.
  2. Carson Montessori’s message system will be programmed to be able to send a “we missed you at school today” message notifying the parent/guardian of any absence. 
  3. As part of CMCS’ school to home connection, when a child is absent more than 2 days, the Office will make a courtesy call home to check on the status of child. 
  4. Parents/guardians agree to provide either a written note or to make a phone call stating the reason for their student’s absence.  All absences will require either a note or a call to the office in order to be excused. If excessive absences continue, a Dr.’s note may be required.
  5. When a student has accumulated six absences/tardies regardless of whether the absences/tardies are excused or not, the student’s family will receive an FYI courtesy call from the Office or the classroom teachers.
  6. When a student has accumulated 10 or more absences/tardies the family will meet with the Principal to develop a plan of action, which will include specific interventions and goals to assist with the attendance and or tardy concerns. 
  7. When a student has accumulated 15 or more absences/tardies the Ron Wood Center, CPS, and/or the Department of Juvenile Probation may be notified to prevent educational neglect from occurring.
  8. Since absences/tardies are the third criteria considered for a school to make Adequate Yearly Progress, a student’s continual absences/tardies impact the entire school.  Should all of the preceding inventions fail; the family can be called before the Carson Montessori Governing Board with such a referral being published in the Governing Board Meeting Agenda. The family will be requested to sign an Attendance Contract.  Signing of the contract will indicate the parent’s/guardian’s willingness to work with Carson Montessori; failure to sign will indicate a lack of cooperation.  Failure to comply with the terms of the contract could result in legal action by the District Attorney’s Office.  
  9. A student missing more than 20 days in a school year has missed a significant amount of his or her education.  As a result, a student missing more than 20 days could be considered on a case by case basis for “a-do-over” of his or her current grade. 
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