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Governing Board
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Administration Team
Jessica Daniels Principal / Director JDaniels@CarsonMontessori.com
Christina Saenz Business & Finance CSaenz@CarsonMontessori.com
Sara Ross Office Specialist SRoss@CarsonMontessori.com
Diane Jackson Office Specialist DJackson@CarsonMontessori.com

Kindergarten Team
Sonja Helfenstein Teacher-Guide SHelfenstein@CarsonMontessori.com
Christi Hamilton Teacher-Guide CHamilton@CarsonMontessori.com
Hayley Kenyon Teacher-Guide HKenyon@CarsonMontessori.com

First Grade Team
Sara Choat Teacher-Guide SChoat@CarsonMontessori.com
Mike Kinkel Teacher-Guide MKinkel@CarsonMontessori.com
Caryn Ramirez Guide CRamirez@CarsonMontessori.com
Laurie Livermore Guide LLivermore@CarsonMontessori.com
Allie Davis Guide ADavis@CarsonMontessori.com
Meagen Kalley Guide MKalley@CarsonMontessori.com

Second Grade Team
Janell Sheets Teacher-Guide JSheets@CarsonMontessori.com
Jennifer Locke Teacher-Guide JLocke@CarsonMontessori.com
Kyla Shuman-Paslov Guide KPaslov@CarsonMontessori.com
Ellen Pellant Guide Epellant@CarsonMontessori.com

Third Grade Team
Aja Harger Teacher-Guide AHarger@CarsonMontessori.com
Willow Eissinger Teacher-Guide WEissinger@CarsonMontessori.com
Tamara Holmes Teacher-Guide THolmes@CarsonMontessori.com

Upper Elementary Team (Grades 4, 5, & 6)
Brynn Cassidy Teacher-Guide BCassidy@CarsonMontessori.com
Kristina Meister Teacher-Guide KMeister@CarsonMontessori.com
Todd Ross Teacher-Guide TRoss@CarsonMontessori.com
Mike Kinkel Teacher-Guide MKinkel@CarsonMontessori.com

Racquel Abowd Teacher-Guide RAbowd@CarsonMontessori.com
Shane Watson Teacher-Guide SWatson@CarsonMontessori.com
Joslyn Christman Teacher-Guide JChristman@CarsonMontessori.com
Will Durham Guide WDurham@CarsonMontessori.com

Support Staff
Margaret Watson Resource Guide MWatson@CarsonMontessori.com
Kerrie Laack Reading Specialist KLaack@CarsonMontessori.com
Chad Fiske Support Staff & Technology CFiske@CarsonMontessori.com
Jackie Morgan Support Staff JMorgan@CarsonMontessori.com
Kerrie Laack Reading Specialist Klaack@CarsonMontessori.com
Cynthia Conti Guide
Stacey Eck Connection Speech & Language Services
Karlene Holl Connection Speech & Language Services
Arlene Morton Morton Educational Evaluation Psychologist
Ann Scott Support Staff AScott@CarsonMontessori.com

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