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Name: Scott McKenna Email: smckenna@lcb.state.nv.us
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Country: USA  Date: 20 Mar 2015 18:45:52 GMT

Comment: I could not be more happy with Carson Montessori School for my Son, Logan (currently in "K"). Every day, he comes home speaking of how much he learned from Ms. Helfenstein. Logan absolutely loves CMS, and I don't think he (or we) could imagine him being happier anywhere else. The level of professionalism and expertise among the staff is unrivaled in this community. Thank you, so much, for this magical school! =)

Name: Tricia Nord Email: trickydawn@gmail.com
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Country: UNITED STATES  Date: 28 May 2015 03:52:05 GMT

Comment: This amazing hands on learning school has the most incredible staff. It is truly a family that has nurtured, as well as educated, my son for the last seven years. His education went far beyond book knowledge, and really helped form who he is and who he will become. Reinforcing the values taught at home, Mrs Daniels and her staff teach their students real life skills as well as how to become socially responsible, helpful, creative individuals. An amazing learning environment led by the most remarkable, untiring, caring, and brilliant individuals I have ever met, Mrs Daniels. CCMS's legacy will be in everything my son accomplishes in his future.

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